18933 Wells Drive, Tarzana CA

Video + Editing


Welcome to Spirale, an architectural masterpiece and arguably one of the most unique and special properties in all of Los Angeles. The centerpiece of this incredible property is a 60 ton floating and spiraling staircase that rises from the 2,000 sq. ft. basement, to the second floor. Absolutely magnificent design, featuring a beautiful 30 ft plus glass entryway that flows through to another 30 ft plus rear glass facade and into the backyard.

Creative Direction

As the creative director on this project we embraced the challenge of directing a visually stunning and captivating property tour to showcase the masterpiece this property is. Challenged with the idea of capturing the third story down into the basement floor in one shot, we flew a drone down the center of the spiraling stair case making for one of the most unique angles possible.


Angel Salvador


  • Priced at $6,229,598

  • 8,300 sq ft

  • .5 Acre Lot

  • 5 Beds, 6.5 Baths

  • 3 Car Garage

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